O firmie

Sometimes it only takes an impulse to change everything.

“They say hard work is the way to success, and that’s how our success was born – from scratch. We carefully developed our plans and put them into action, one by one. You start with a single idea but that’s quite enough if you have it in you to pursue your goals with focus and determination. And work really hard.

We designed a completely unique style for our clothes (modern, exclusive and incredibly comfortable) that has come to be the basis for several of our current collections. These are made of airy and elegant fabrics which have earned wide appreciation from our Clients. The time finally came to put our first collection on the Polish market.

A whole lot happened then but the most surprising news came from overseas! As it turned out, our style was met with huge enthusiasm in the UK, Ireland and Germany, which paved the way for our success abroad. At this year’s fair in London, we earned a distinction among several hundred other companies”.

We’re sharing these memories with you hoping that our collections will reach a wider range of customers.
Though we can pride ourselves on many important prizes and distinctions, it’s the kind words of praise coming from our Clients that we hold most dear, and it’s the thought that our style helps women rediscover their sex appeal that makes us look towards the future with confidence.
Women appreciate the design that allows them to feel unique, no matter the circumstances. We ensure that by providing our clothes with superior quality, stylish design and a diverse palette of subdued and vibrant colours alike.